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Web Site Hosting

Registering your Domain Name

Generally, the first step in setting up your web site is getting a domain name (your web site address). You can even reserve your domain name before you have a host. Our domain name registy service is only $30 per year and includes support from a real person in the U.S.

Hosting Hardware and Datacenter

Our shared hosting server runs off an AMD Dual Opteron 175 with 4GB of RAM! We monitor the server load to ensure that it isn't overloaded with accounts (keeping server performance high). Our datacenter (where we the server is physically located and connected to the Internet) is Colo4Dallas. Both of these ensure reliable quality service for your web site.

Hosting Plans

Many hosting companies give what we call "fantasy" numbers for web space and/or transfer limits. They are higher than most would ever need for their web site. And, those that could or would use it, they have (or find or create) restrictions to ensure that it is virtually impossible for you to realize their limits. Then, they pack so many sites on their server that seriously affect your site performance. Finally, they offer 24/7 support. Seriously, how good do you expect the phone service to be at 2:00 am for a mere $10/month or less? If their deal seems too good to be true, remember that you usually get what you pay for!

While we don't guarantee 24/7 support, we are usually available during standard business hours and make every effort to get back with you in less than 24 hours. True emergencies are handled faster. We also have 3 easy plans (with realistic and reasonable limits), with options for custom plans or a dedicated server. For most web sites, a Basic account will do. If you are looking at using email lists or need a little more power, plan on an Advanced account. If you want custom dynamic programming and database features, plan on a Professional account.

Storage Space250 MB800 MB1200 MB?
Bandwidth6 GB12 GB16 GB?
FTP Accounts123?
Email Lists013?
Sub Domains2325?
Parked Domains235?
Addon Domains2310?
Annual Fee$99$199$299?

* Allows databases for add-on scripts, but not for phpMyAdmin access.

WARNING: We do not allow or tolerate using our servers to send SPAM! You spam and you lose your account without a refund (and likely with fees assessed and your information reported to appropriate agencies). If you have any doubt, contact us before sending out emails to a list!

Quick Web Links for Hosting

AddressGoes To
cPanel Control Panel
WHM Control Panel
(for reseller control panel)
Web Mail Control Panel
(and Horde Webmail)

* Replace yourdomain.com with your domain name!


Most of our hosting interface is self-explanatory and with good online help. However, here are some detailed documentation on our applications.

A Piece of the Net Web Hosting features:
cPanel 11 Control Panel
Horde Web Mail
phpMyAdmin 2.11.4 Web MySQL Administration
AWStats 6.6
Apache 1.3.39 Web Server
( .htaccess   Authentication   CGI   SSI )
HTML and Other Web Languages
PHP 5.2.5 Scripting Language
MySQL 5.0.45 Database Server
PERL (mod_perl)
ProFTPD FTP Server
Exim Mail (SMTP) Server
MailMan Mailing List Manager
Bind DNS Server
Linux CentOS 5 Operating System (x86_64 Architecture)

How Do I Get Started on My Web Site?

For more information, support, or to start hosting for your web site, contact us!
E-Mail Us!